Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Clare Grogan & Richard Klein

Kerensa Bryant meets Clare Grogan at The Space, Komedia
Richard Klein and Clare Grogan joined us this month for our February event in the intimate Studio Bar at Komedia. Juice Radio’s Guy Lloyd kindly stepped up to the mic, presenting the event which also marked Richard as our 100th Space guest! A truly engaging acumen of an evening transpired…

Young And The Restless
Researching Clare was easy. Let’s see, there’s the repeated success with 80s pop band Altered Images. Check. Then there’s her part she played in the cult 80s coming-of-age Brit-flick; Gregory’s Girl (rated 30 in the BFI Top 100 British films). Check. Most currently, there’s her second children’s book to come out of the trilogy; Tallulah and the TeenStars. Check. And to mirror her original rise to fame, you can now catch her cameo in the latest series of Skins on E4; the gritty teen-ripening drama, she plays cheeky-stop-out anti-role model mum to the main character Mini. Check.

I get it. She’s one multi-talented lady. But this dainty doll before me barely seems to have aged from what I witnessed as I journeyed through YouTube interview clips and many a pop video from yesteryear. Everything about Clare is femme. Her voice, her pint-sized stature, her cheeky nods to her band-mate husband and anecdotes about trying to meet boys as a teen, with ladylike composure sitting on stage. Bound by youth, Clare let us in on her lottery-kismet to fame, and how she originally became the sylphlike quarter of Altered Images and falling into her first attempt as a singer: “I went to an all-girls school so meeting boys wasn’t easy. [On attending her first band audition] None of the boys were brave enough to sing, so I thought being in a band, well this could be the first step into meeting boys. We didn’t do very much other than pretend we were Siouxsie and the Banshees in the hope we would pull something off – which we did! Tony was the talent and I had the ambition, you could say.”

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Former Space guest Paul Franklin wins a BAFTA!

Paul Franklin wins a BAFTAA massive congratulations to Paul Franklin and the other members of Double Negative for their BAFTA win of the Special Visual Effects Award for INCEPTION.

To see their reaction please click here for the official BAFTA video.
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