Thursday, 12 March 2015

IN PRINT: Interview with Brian Clemens for SFX Magazine

 In 2011, off the back of a radio interview I had with the wonderful Brian Clemens, I visited him at his Bedfordshire home to discuss his extensive career and life in television and film. Gaining notoriety  as Producer and scriptwriter of cult British classic The Avengers, I was inexcusably excited to meet the man in person, and delve into his experiences of the Golden Age of small-screen fame.

SFX Magazine Issue 259
The interview, commissioned by SFX Magazine way back then, was for a special edition that never was (not uncommon in the world of publishing). Alas with a bittersweet ending, my interview finally made it into the magazine (Issue 259), but now paying tribute to Brian who sadly passed away in January 2015. The interview itself was easily five times longer that what's in the mag, and I hope to one day post the rest of it for all to read.

In the mean time, you can read the interview with Brian in SFX Magazine by picking up a copy, or do the digital thing via the links at the bottom of this SFX lates issue link.

My interview with Brian Clemens OBE, SFX Magazine (Image from my Geek Girl Instagram feed)

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