Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Geek Art

I've been a designer/ arty type since before I could walk (with my mother as lifetime orator), so whenever I come across artists with a soft spot for the world of science fiction and fantasy, it's as satisfying as a Ferengi ear rub. Obviously both the style and vehicle can range dramatically, from the menacing charcoal lines of H.P. Lovecraft to the bubblegum brights of avatar-art.

Here are a few designers and artists I have stumbled across while Googling and geeking...enjoy!

Alex Gross of
How fun are these? Artist Alex Gross has found a bit of a niche by creatively putting his stamp on vintage antique cabinet photo cards and adding his science-fiction and comic book flourishes. Check out the rest of his site for designs of the colourful, curio vein.

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

INTERVIEW: Film Critic, Author & Radio Personality, Mark Kermode

The following interview was broadcast on The Geekend, Radio Reverb on 29th October 2011.
GG: Welcome to The Duke of York’s Picturehouse, here in Brighton. As part of your tour continuing throughout October and November 2011, appearing live, in actual 3D in locations throughout the UK with your new book The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex, Mark Kermode right here… welcome. I expected you to be wearing a Stetson, what with the theme of your book…

Mark:  Funnily enough when we were doing the cover of the book, somebody said exactly that. Obviously it’s a take on The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, so yes, let’s put you on the cover in a Stetson. Then everyone thought about it and decided as the only way people recognise me is from my hair. So it was simply a marketing decision; if you can’t see my hair, then it’s not me. I am apparently definable only by my hair. That’s why on the back of the book is a picture of me with my hand over my face in which the only part of me you can see is my hair. 

GG: Your new book, I’ve just finished it, and just like your radio show and podcasts on BBC 5Live with Simon Mayo, the book is particularly honest, outspoken and full of your satirical expert opinion on films. I like to think of you as the people’s film critic

Mark: (Laughter) Which people though? That is the crucial question...

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