Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Time Machine Adventures & Events

 I like being busy. So since my last post, I thought I'd screw my business head on a little tighter and see if I could put a little of my event experience to some further use with a new venture; TIME MACHINE ADVENTURES.

Kicking off, myself and my partner Tom will be hosting a night of steam powered nautical frivolity with STEAMPUNK ON THE THAMES!

On 7th December 2012, proudly in association with Topsail Events, we invite you to step aboard
THE SAILING BARGE WILL for a riverine adventure upon Old Father Thames!

Marvel at the many lights as you cruise along the river, wonder as Tower Bridge opens; especially for YOU!

See the architectural masterpieces at Greenwich and pass between hemispheres of East and West as you view the worlds largest circus tent at Blackwall, at no extra cost!

As an extra treat, we have in attendance the 'Master of silliness and Far Fetched Fiction', author Robert Rankin!

Tickets for this unique event are priced at an amazing introductory price of just

£36 Stirling Each

Our events will offer a unique experience in that they are genre or time period specific. 

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