Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Evocative Dulux advert - a world without colour

Paint brand Dulux has been taking notes from films like Pleasantville and The Artist and have jumped, quite beautifully I may add, on the vintage bandwagon with a highly stylised pastiche on the prohibition-era.

In a tinted temperance where bottles of whiskey are substituted for cans of Dulux paint, this ad pulls at the heartstrings and wouldn't be seen out of place as a Hollywood short film nominee. I shudder at the thought of a world without colour, so I'm especially on board with the agency's thinking behind this ad, which I hope you'll agree, creates a very visually evocative campaign.

Oh and fans of the Dulux dog fret not, he still gets a cameo at the end.

Watch the video below - I'm just popping out to buy some paintbrushes....

...And here's a similar attempt by online fashion label

Posted by: Geek Girl Kerensa Creswell-Bryant
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