Sunday, 19 May 2013

Films: The Good, The Bad And The Thinkers

Last week I watched Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion and to be honest, I wasn’t going in to the cinema with high expectations. I’d heard the Twitter review rumbles and listened to thoughts from friends, but it was an Orange Wednesday, so the runtime-for-your-money value alone was worth the discounted gamble.

Half way through, I was definitely starting to fear a LOTR moment (when a film is so unnecessarily prolonged, you really need to pop to the toilet but don’t want to get up for fear of falling over in the dark or never being able to find the same seat again on the way back so you sit and hold, uncomfortably tight).

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to stylishly #SeeFilmDifferently

Last night I was treated to a taste of movie-star magic.

The foyer of Brighton’s Duke of York’s Picturehouse glowed invitingly, on an otherwise inclemently wan British Tuesday evening. It didn’t take long to spot the red carpet and the dapper venue staff milling around, anticipating the opening doors to their exclusive one-off screening of the 1959 classic comedy, Some Like It Hot. Starring none other than blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, I am a very lucky gal to have had a ticket to the most smouldering event in town.

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