Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Geek Art

I've been a designer/ arty type since before I could walk (with my mother as lifetime orator), so whenever I come across artists with a soft spot for the world of science fiction and fantasy, it's as satisfying as a Ferengi ear rub. Obviously both the style and vehicle can range dramatically, from the menacing charcoal lines of H.P. Lovecraft to the bubblegum brights of avatar-art.

Here are a few designers and artists I have stumbled across while Googling and geeking...enjoy!

Alex Gross of
How fun are these? Artist Alex Gross has found a bit of a niche by creatively putting his stamp on vintage antique cabinet photo cards and adding his science-fiction and comic book flourishes. Check out the rest of his site for designs of the colourful, curio vein.

Michael Myers of

No, not Austin Powers, but a Jedi Master in kooky pixel art. You can also buy his prints on tees. Yes, it's easy enough to follow a Photoshop tutorial and create your own pixelated creations, but this guy creates quality, 8-bit odes. Simplified to perfection.

Olly Moss of
Once again, Olly's work harks back to the old school mantra of letting the graphics to the talking. With film poster art even non-professed nerds would salivate to have on their walls and affiliations to Empire Magazine & Mondo, Olly is making Hokusai sized waves in the world of graphic design. His blog is also a great visual feast too:

Fro of
Fro demonstrates a vast genre-array of purchasable design prints in limited quantities akin to Mondo. I especially love his darker, cheekier socio-interpretations of life, his cult-tv themed business cards and unique ode to the late, great author and journalist Christopher Hitchens.

James Curran of
This chap has recently been the star of his own Hollywood worthy script idea. Having posted his fantastic imagined opening film titles to Steven Spielberg's The Adventures Of Tintin on social vid-site Vimeo, the film-legend himself watched said video, was so impressed by Curran's work, he went on to send an invite to Curran to both the premier of Tintin, but most magically; a job offer! Bravo James!

I discovered this site while trying to find what was out there on the net regarding original War Of The Worlds (one of my top films/ body of musical work). Postertext is a clever concept; the contents of an entire book is simply printed on a canvas, with a significant silhouette path clipped in. In the case below; the Martian tripods. From Wuthering Heights to The Picture Of Dorian Gray (love x3), The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes to Dracula - I absolutely want to home one of these beauties on my wall.

Justin Van Genderen of
Primarily a designer, maybe more tertiary a geek, Justin has a few stand out pieces in his collection that make me swoon. Especially check out his deco Battlestar Galactica print and space inspired designs. But quick - they sell out frakking fast from his 2046design online shop.

David Resto of
Action hero dinosaurs, anyone? Don't think I need to say anymore.

Agan Harahap, photo-melder at
Clever. Original. Convincing. The convergence on fantasy and photography are quite superb. With little imagination, I think it totally plausible that Batman and Superman have been captured in stills in history. But then I believe in things that go bump in the night too.

Sasha Goldberger of
Umm, to say photographer Sasha Goldberger sees life through a 'different' lens is the first adverb I can think of. Yet, also, so ridiculously beautiful and inspiring. I believe the super-gran in these images are indeed Sasha's gran. What an incredible union of both fantastic muse and impressive visionist.

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