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INTERVIEW: Sir Michael Gambon at the British Independent Film Awards 2012

As Michael settles himself in front of me, he reflects on the montage that had just played of all of the films he had appeared in throughout his highly acclaimed, extensive career. The films included Wives and Daughters, The Singing Detective, The Good Shepherd, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and The King's Speech. Not forgetting his portrayal of Dumbledore from the Harry Potter franchise that younger film fans will certainly recognise.

I met Sir Michael at the British Independent Film Awards 2012 after he had just come off stage from receiving the prestigious Richard Harris Award for his distinguished and outstanding contribution as an actor to the film industry...
 The following interview took place at the Moet British Independent Film Awards in London on 9th December 2012.

Michael: It’s so lovely to sit down! Bother Me! I didn’t know where they got them all from [referring to the clips]; it’s amazing when you think how much you’ve done. Today I’ve been an actor for fifty years, and I can’t believe that. It seems like boosh! [Clicking his fingers together] Time just flies through doesn’t it? All that worrying about getting paid, about learning lines, abut getting on the stage, about whether the costumes going to fit; my whole life has been spent worrying, doing television and film. You are always concerned, never relaxed. Apart from Harry Potter where it was just great fun.
GG: Fifty years of acting to your name, this is incredible! Have you got any advice that you would impart to your younger self given the chance to travel back in time?

Michael: [Without hesitation] Don't! I would say that to all young people unless there is some machine inside of you that won’t let you stop. Don’t do it unless you are driven forwards by desire, you have to know in your brain you are an actor. Like someone who wants to spend years to become a doctor, you have to be mad about it, as you should be. It’s the same with an actor. Oh and the money’s not very good too.

GG: We are here celebrating the British Independent Film Awards, how important is the independent film industry to you as an actor?

Michael: Oh they’re very important now aren’t they, the state of the world and the cost of making movies in Europe so the more independent films that get made the better. Everyone downstairs [referring to the BIFA’s happening in the main auditorium in the background of the interview] seems young! Independent filmmakers all look about 18 to me, well, maybe a bit older. I just think it’s great.

Sir Michael Gambon as Dumbledore in
the Harry Potter films
GG: Seeing it from both sides, being in big budget films such as the Harry Potter franchise to independent films, what makes independent film stand out compared to big budget productions?

Michael: It’s so varied I can’t. I remember being stood with Daniel Craig on top of one of those big buildings and pushing him off [Layer Cake, 2004] – things like that I remember [laughing]. I did a play with Daniel at the Royal Court Theatre [A Number, 2002], so I was a friend of James Bond [laughter].

GG: Not many people can say that!

Michael: [Laughter]

Along with his win of The Richard Harris Award (for outstanding contribution by an actor to British Film) at the BIFAs 2012, Sir Michael has won four BAFTAs, is Golden Globe nominated and many, many more accolades... 

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And below are a couple of videos of of Sir Michael in action...

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