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How to stylishly #SeeFilmDifferently

Last night I was treated to a taste of movie-star magic.

The foyer of Brighton’s Duke of York’s Picturehouse glowed invitingly, on an otherwise inclemently wan British Tuesday evening. It didn’t take long to spot the red carpet and the dapper venue staff milling around, anticipating the opening doors to their exclusive one-off screening of the 1959 classic comedy, Some Like It Hot. Starring none other than blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, I am a very lucky gal to have had a ticket to the most smouldering event in town.

There’s something quite magical about trying to reincarnate a little of the glamour that past generations no older than our grandparents sported by default. But Picturehouse, in association with VW’s See Film Differently campaign, evidently know how to rise to such an occasion; the red carpet was just the start. Our hostesses of the evening beaming Hollywood smiles in stoles and satin, guided us through the vintage film set lamp-lit entrance to peppy popcorn usherettes handing out bags of the most addictive snack, all the time accompanied by the sounds of a handsome jazz band plucking and puffing lively period numbers. Each guest was then invited to have their portrait taken by the resident paparazzi, a thoughtful keepsake for all those wishing to strike a pose.

Little flourishes of distinct marketing flair continued to make the night, all before the film had even started. Attended to our seats by suited chaperones, further offerings of bite-sized film posters, a glass of golden bubbles and a goose-bump inducing film introduction made way to what our host put to be ‘the premiere that Marilyn never had’, cuing the curtains to part and the opening film credits to roll.

About the cinema

Picturehouse cinemas are a little bit special. Unlike the multiplex cinema chains with the one-size-fits-all branding and programming, they proudly hold on to a missive of independence, with programming and screenings individually tailored to each unique venue, and ultimately to its local audience. With the encouragement to make films fun, no visit is the same; from film-related staff artwork bedecking the ticket booths to regular and first-class intimate Q&A sessions with the minds behind the film making magic, not to mention the fabulous annual CINECITY Film Festival, to work there must be just a little bit special too. The Duke of York's Picturehouse is one on the many UK cinemas to embrace the adventure of event cinema, when a screening is brought alive by added, thoughtful extras.

Marilyn Monroe in an Orry-Kelly creation
Some Like It Hot

Despite its popularity today, Some Like It Hot gained notoriety on it’s release being condemned for its sauciness. Standing the test of time, I can vouch for the event’s audience that this film raised more belly laughs and dreamy ‘ooohs’ with every alluring soft-focus close up of the leading lady than any film I have seen made in the last decade.

Defying the laws of physics in those glitzy Orry-Kelly dresses, any newcomer to the talent of Norma Jeane Mortenson would be hard pushed to count on one hand her equals in the world of today’s cinema, with the same ability of true scene-stealing and distinct on-screen individuality. Far from being in her shadow, the film would not have been what it still is if were not for the impeccable comedy strength of co-stars Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

So in essence, I think it a fitting tribute to the trickster trio and to conclude that Marilyn very much had her moment with a new generation viewership with just as much adoration as at their height of fame.

I also encourage everyone to get involved with these events – they are all a truly unique experience, made all the more special and memorable by the passionate people who make up the audiences.

Further information:

>> VW’s See Film Differently have a fantastic array of inventive cinema adverts and post show videos on their See Film Differently YouTube Channel.

>> To make sure you don’t miss out on events local to you, check out the See Film Differently Facebook page.

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