Thursday, 6 March 2014

IMAGE: Look-in The Six Million Dollar Magazine

 Spending hours trawling the web for work, play and inspiration, I thought I might start sharing some of my favourite pictorial finds, and of course, with an obligatory geeky flavour (and on that note, what is the geekiest flavour I wonder?).

I was reading some sort of automated Twitter email telling me what my interactions had been over the year, and then spotted this vivid image that someone had as an avatar.

It's a front cover from the British children's magazine called Look-in, that was published from 1971-1994. The cover is of the original series of The Six Million Dollar Man featuring a bionic Lee Majors, the feature film of which has been long since rumoured.

 And an original collection of Look-in television adverts:

I found the video above on a Look-In fan page which features a few more of the fabulous magazine front covers, plus there are a few more over here too that you can actually look inside! (Click on the front cover thumbnails and the interactive versions open to the right)

I found this Look-in cover archive which is a great study of the development of British magazine design (shame they are all tiny images though). Quite sad the magazine is now defunct, maybe it'll eventually get resurrected in time, like the re-launched Starburst magazine...

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