Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Poodle Fitness, anyone?

I despise any form of exercise that doesn't involve being chased by a marauding shamble of 28 Days Later style zombies or doesn't allow me to sport a weapon like a film heroine (think The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdean and Kill Bill's O-Ren Ishii).

From anti-ageing snail-slime and emu oil slimming creams, the world is literally mad for finding weird and wonderful ways to get you allegedly slimmer and more beautiful, be it potions or newfangled exercise regimes. I can't say I've been brave/ stupid enough to try any of these, but thanks to the wonder of social media, I thought I'd introduce to you one of those different, and sublimely bizarre exercise regimes that might just get you off your chair and make you wonder 1. What were they thinking? and 2. I'd still secretly quite like to give that a go!

Cue Poodle Fitness - one of those rare ideas that okay, still won't get me lunging and strutting with a room full of sweaty people (or suspicious looking supporting Furries), but it is so barking, in every sense of the word, that I am ever-so tempted to abandon Davina McCall's workouts in favour of pet inspired pikes, granted in the privacy of my own.

I noticed too that the video was launched in 2006, so can anyone tell me if it was actually a thing? Is it the hottest trend on some remote island?

I've no idea if missy motivator Mariko Takahashi (a singer-actress when she's not promoting ex-fat fitness) still lives to tell the tale (should that be tail?), or if those highly unnerving poodle muscles are genuine (I believe people determined enough will succeed at almost anything after the existence of 'Real Life Barbie'), but have a watch, let your jaw drop, and poodle power up!

And for continued amusement, check out the array of doggie hairdo or 'Poodle Clips' on Pinterest. You learn something every day...

Posted by: Geek Girl Kerensa Creswell-Bryant
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