Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Swimmer Film Poster

Recently I've been on a prescription of 'happy' films and programmes after working my way through the first 3 series of the frankly depressing Downton Abbey. But I soon ran out. Dying old people totally spoilt any redeeming sunshine Disney could throw at me in Up, The Apartment although a funny premise, left me wide eyed thinking 99% of the male population want to have their cake and eat it, and Guardians Of The Galaxy (hey it's Marvel, they're all a form of geek-serotonin) left me a  little flat after all the hype. So I reverted to the ever-expanding film list I on my phone, and cherry-picked an older film recommended by a friend who is the go-to for celluloid inspiration.

The 1968 film The Swimmer, starring Burt Lancaster's mesmeric blue eyes and all too short pool-side appearances by Joan Rivers and Janice Rule, was a total surprise. Granted, it was not quite the pick-me-up boost I was hoping for, but it got me. Anyone who has seen it will totally understand the haunting fall from grace as the lead character tries to swim his way across a Conneticut valley of swimming pools, with a Richter scale of local encounters, from friendly to darn hostile. A simple story in its essence, and totally engaging.

One scene is particularly memorable. So I thought I'd make a poster of it, I was that compelled hah.

Hope you like it. I even popped it up on Society6 if you wanted a copy.

And it goes pretty much without saying that if you haven't watched The Swimmer yet, give it a watch. 

Oh and if you have any happy film recommendations, please add in the comments below, I seriously need more in my life.

Posted by: Geek Girl Kerensa Creswell-Bryant
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