Tuesday, 10 December 2013

DK Chats: The shiny new DK Books podcast

News! I'm very excited and proud to announce the super new podcast series from DK Books, called 'DK Chats'.

Throughout November I've been working with the very talented DK Books' Digital Marketing Officer, Gemma Smyth, putting together the shiny audio-feast that I hope you all find insightful and essentially, just a really good listen.

I'm the host who can be heard introducing the interviews and contributors, covering the new DK book releasees including the gruesomely fascinating history of medicine in 'Kill Or Cure' to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey conductor Robert Ziegler's involvement in 'Music'.

It was great fun being back in the recording studio, scripting my contribution and working with the DK media team, so really hope you enjoy the tonal fruits of our labour, and keep on listening as we continue to bring you more content and interviews.

Listen to the first edition of DK Chats now >>

Posted by: Geek Girl Kerensa Creswell-Bryant
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