Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Follow the LEGO bricked road and have fun with marketing

On the late-train with this, but thought I’d do a quick post about the exclusive Lego Instagram video shoot I helped out with back in October, as part of the DK books Lego Minifigure Year By Year title launch.

As part of an extensive social media campaign, DK partnered with Albion London, a creative digital agency to come up with a limited run of teeny editions of the new DK Lego book, using these world famous minifigure characters in a series of Instagram videos and Facebook minifigure fact posts. But a mini book wasn’t all, Albion then painstakingly spent days scouring Lego stores for the perfect pieces to recreate celebrity minifigure doppelgängers. Amongst these celebrities lucky enough to receive their very own brisk-based twin were comedians Dara O'Briain and Jimmy Carr, actor Simon Pegg and comic book creator and presenter Jonathan Ross, plus personalities Fearne Cotton and Dawn Porter, to name but a few, phew! The Tweets flew and international coverage soon picked up with Lego fans around the globe sharing the fun and asking for their very own copy of the book.

As part of the DK books marketing team, I couldn’t wait to pop along to Brick Lane bookshop (how apt) to take part on this mini-shoot, complete with film crew and Lego model sets all around. Granted, we were all upstaged by these pocket-sized plastic people, but how often do you get to say you feature in a video with Pretzel Girl?

But was it worth it? Well the social media stats for all DK channels saw uplift, from both paid and organic shares, and the national coverage was nothing but positive.

UPDATE: Somewhat excited, Econsultancy picked up on our work and wrote an article about it.

Here are a couple of the Instagram videos, and you can find more over at the DK Books Instagram channel here:

(Spot me in the orange dress)

If you haven’t already get a copy, it’s a total lust-product with everything from the development of the LEGO minifigure facial features to the coveted and mightily rare Star Wars solid gold C3PO.


You can also listen to an interview with the book creators (with my dulcets on the intro) here:

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