Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I love Forbidden Planet. The magical hive of merchandise from the 'cult cream of movies and television' makes my heart flutter a little every time I step foot in one of their stores. From the beautiful to the bizarre, I wish to covet 90% of what they sell. But I'd never taken advantage of one of their exclusive signing events until this weekend. Mainly because a signature is just that; a signature. Instead I have always personally treasured the value of holding a conversation with said luminary, perhaps also a photo to capture that megapixel memory vividly; the setting, the clothes, the facial expressions, that moment of (I hope) happiness. It's just how I roll.

So I hopped, skipped and tripped the Brighton-to-London fantastic with the aim of meeting Carole for a time more generous than fleeting. I travelled up with friend and presenter of The Geekend (radio show that I contribute to weekly) Wayne. It took me a whole hour to realise when he says 'I know exactly where we are, we are just 2 minutes away', that he is indeed, navigationally challenged, and an impressive bluffer. Not the best discovery when the heavens decide it is time to water the mortals. So we eventually arrived, on time (just, as we set off super early, we both hate being late), looking like drowned rats. A secondary dowsing of juice all over my dress (clumsy moment) and a snaking-queue-of-doom later, I was soon stood in front of an all star Doctor Who line-up:

  • The first lady of Doctor Who, Carole Ann Ford, smiling and autographing the newly released Doctor Who classic novelisations (as well as those who decide to bring their entire back catalogue of originals, which I can't fathom).
  • Accompanying her was the terrific Terrance Dicks, the legendary 70s Doctor Who scriptwriter. I'd already spotted him at The Avengers 50th Anniversary event a couple of weeks prior, so I was delighted to finally meet him and have an albeit confused, but funny few words. 
  • Plus there was Frazer Hines; companion 'Jamie McCrimmon' to Patrick Troughton's Doctor from '66-'69. 
  • Lastly, was artist and illustrator Chris Achilleos; whose stunning cover art graces the new editions of the novelisations (as well as the 70s originals).
    Fast forward to the end of the signing (all the guests kindly stayed an extra 45 minutes as the fan turnout with so much higher than anticipated), I managed to spend a little time with Carole and asked her a few questions to be aired on The Geekend in the next few weeks (I shall post an update when confirmed). In case you miss it too, I'll most likely pop the recording and transcript up at the same time under my 'interview' section.

    She was a delight to meet, an honour to spend time with, and everything I'd hoped her to be. What a treat.

    Carole Ann Ford & Chris Achilleos
    It's the 'Unearthly Child' Susan Foreman!

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