Sunday, 31 July 2011


Okay, okay, so that's not strictly true.

Well, unless of course you have a very vivid child like imagination, which we all once had (I have desperately tried to hang on to mine). So when a mere excursion to buy a dress collided with a slice of my favourite film; Jurassic Park - well, I was in a momentary, somewhat abstract version of heaven.

Predating the 1086 Domesday Book, ye olde 'Brighthelmstone', or Brighton as you may know it today, is constantly surprising me. A source of many a chuckle from the myriad of weird and eccentric residents, to the open arms it provides for all forms of art and adventure, with the powerful summer city pulls of seaside and scintillating entertainment; it really is 'the place to be'. But if you need a little more convincing, here is a shining example of how even the blandest part of Brighton; the shopping mall, gets involved with the fun with a prehistoric flash-back...

Yes every city centre has a heart built of shops, arteries of branded corridors, beating with weekend bipeds looking to fritter away some hard earned pennies, myself included. But hark, what have we here? A pen of 'terrible lizards' have taken up residency with the help of the National History Museum, to both amuse and educate the minds of big kids and little kids of all ages. As part of the museums 'Age of the Dinosaur' celebrations, visitors get to experience, first hand, for free, life size reptilian friends and interactive stations dotted around the mall.

So, bravo Churchill Square, it wasn't too long ago I was playing 'Spot the Skaran' when Daleks invaded...what goes up and down, up and down? Why, a Dalek in a lift, of course! How many can you spot?

How many Daleks can you spot? CLUE: Peter Davison's incarnation of the Doctor, minus how many hearts he has.
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