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Geek Art on Society6

 I've been searching high and low for some wall prints to decorate my new place. We all know what we like when we see it, but searching and trawling on the web for art with a film, sci-fi or geeky twist is a mine-field, as there is simply SO much out there. One site I came across that is a great starting point if you are after a limited-run print is Society6. Based in USA (keep an eye on the shipping costs), I've complied this blog post on my favourite pieces and artists on Society6 which might help speed up your search for a new artistic talking point, ready for when your neighbour pops over to borrow your Game Of Thrones boxset or spare controller pad.

(Search tip - Society6 only lets you search for an artist by surname.)

Sam Gilbey

Starting on the bias, everything this man has produced I've adored thus far and you can spot his glossy hi-life digi-brushstrokes a mile off. With lots of commercial work in his portfolio, chances are you've seen his stuff in magazines and promos. Sam has a strong sway towards cult film and television programmes, check out his Virgin Media illustrated Guide to Doctor Who and his Oscars infographic.

> Sam Gilbey's website
> His great Tumblr feed is worth a follow too if you like to see his diverse works in situ

Electrick Girl by Sam Gilbey (Electrick Children)
Steve Zissou by Sam Gilbey (Life Aquatic)

John Aslarona

The colours of MATCHSTICK MAN are just so vivid the piece feels utterly alive.

MATCHSTICK MAN by John Aslarona
makes me think of the Human Torch
(Assassin's Creed)

Eric Fan

With an eclectic portfolio, Eric Fan has some great prints available for fans of Steampunk-surreal and fantastical nature subjects.

Men in Black by Eric Fan
Clockwork Orange by Eric Fan

Danny Haas

Just dreamy. I love the childlike dream state a lot of Danny's work take on, and with a very definite propaganda influence.

Time to Fly by Danny Haas
(Doctor Who)
Like A Hood Ornament by Danny Haas
(The Rocketeer)


Sheer brilliance.

Bill Murray by Replaceface
David Bowie by Replaceface

Grégoire Guillemin

Pop art superheroes caught in the act and films reduces to minimal shapes.

The secret life of heroes - SpiderBrush
by Greg-guillemin
The secret life of heroes - Magic Mirror
by Greg-guillemin
Smooth Minimal - Scream
by Greg-guillemin
Etude - Cyclops
by Greg-guillemin

Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design

Collage at its finest. Mixing 50s heyday illustration with sky-gazing drama.

MOONRISE by Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design
FOLIAGE by Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design

Alice X. Zhang

Colour queen! Check out the spectrum she's used in her Sherlock print; beautiful!

Take Aim by Alice X. Zhang (Hawkeye)
Virtuoso by Alice X. Zhang (Sherlock)

Terry Fan

Imaginative grunge.

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein by Terry Fan
Dino Rodeo by Terry Fan

Hillary White

Mixed up magic.

A Boy and His Dog by Hillary White
(Neverending Story / Star Wars)
Pika Stardust by Hillary White


For the Lego fan in your life...

I am a Giddy Goat! Powerpig (IT Crowd)
This is Thriller by Powerpig

Other pieces I spotted...

Ariel by Fernanda Suarez
Huntress by Fuacka (Zombies!)
A Team by Liam Brazier (The Avengers)
Game of Thrones - Ygritte by Amber Grey
Walking Shadow, Turtles
by Jason Ratliff
(Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles)
Idealism by Genis Carreras
Love his 'Philographics'
and bold, simple style
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